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Murphy Wall bed Designs~ History


From the 1916 comedy short, "One A.M.", Charlie Chaplin fights with a Murphy bed.

About us..


Murphy Beds have come ALONG way from what they used to be!!

Murphy Wall Beds Designs

We are located in Southeast Idaho but service the surrounding states as well.We are a locally owned company who designs Murphy wall beds to enhance the beauty and function of  homes and offices such as yours.  We like to say the wall bed business is "up and down" but one thing is for sure.... We look forward to many more years as Idaho's Murphy Bed specialists!

So.. How can we help you aquire your new Murphy bed system?

Upon your invitation we would be happy to come to your home for a FREE in-home design consultation.  We bring to you our portfolio which showcases our work.  We also provide hardware and color samples for you to select from.  If a Murphy Bed system seems right for you, we would be pleased to begin your order.  Others may try to imitate, but none duplicate.  As Idaho's Murphy Bed specialists, we look forward to designing a system with you!
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